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Disaster Recovery

In the event the 2 Bloor Street West Office is unusable…

Where to work In the event the Toronto office is unusable your manager will call you to inform you to go to a new office location. The location of the new office space will be listed here on this webpage. If your manager agrees however you could work from home or wherever you have access to a computer and phone.
Email If you just want to check email click here.

To forward your phone to your home phone please call Rick or James.

James – 647-523-5293

Rick – 416-358-3553

Normal Desktop To get to your files, use SAP and or to see your email in normal Outlook- Login to the Disaster Recovery site(for help call Rick or James below)
Help For any issues please call any of the following cell phones

416-358-3553 – Rick McCormick

647-523-5293 – James Anderson

905-550-1801 – Shane Kelly

647-293-8890 – Philip Lam

Help desk numbers for Administrators only

416-921-2221 – Phone (EPIK)

905-461-1938 – DR and SAP hosting site (ATOS)

877-364-9393 – To announce a disaster and request a temporary office be setup (only designated persons can call). Or Agility contact: Morgan Ross – morgan.ross@agilityrecovery.com at 704.927.7939  or 704.918.9387 (cell)

How things will work To get more information please authenticate by clicking here: https://dr.rachisholm.com/
Then come back and click here: How things would work in a DR scenario