CHISHOLM provides a market place to both buyers and sellers.

CHISHOLM's supplier base comprises the producers, exporters and distributors of meat, dairy and food ingredient raw materials world wide.

CHISHOLM's global customer base includes manufacturers, importers and distributors of meat, dairy and food ingredient raw materials.

CHISHOLM is a market maker for its clients and takes on all risk inherent in their transactions providing logistics, finance and currency options, market opinions, research and information.

CHISHOLM understands that agrifood producers want to produce at the lowest cost, highest throughput, and over the shortest cycle possible. With CHISHOLM trading for them, producers are exposed to all world markets in a time and cost efficient manner.

CHISHOLM continuously provides its suppliers with up to the minute international market information and firm bids for their product.

CHISHOLM understands that all agrifood processors want to produce at the lowest cost, with the highest throughput, and "just in time" inventory management. CHISHOLM also understands processors' requirement to add value with least cost formulations and to create goodwill with high quality finished product.

CHISHOLM continuously provides its customers with up to the minute international market information and firm product offers for their raw material supply.

Beyond being a market maker, providing market influence and information, CHISHOLM eliminates its client's external risk in the sales or procurement function.

CHISHOLM constantly deals with world class service providers performing value added service functions at the lowest cost base, determined daily by CHISHOLM.

Global Logistics and Trade Finance

As one of the largest private operators in its trade lanes, CHISHOLM partners with major carriers and manages its transactions in-house and confidentially through a professional staff of logistics and trade finance experts.

Contact: Paul Buzbuzian

Foreign Worker Program

In early 2003, recognizing that sufficient and stable labour is a chronic problem and constant challenge for Canadian meat plants, Chisholm decided to dedicate resources towards facilitating the hiring of foreign workers by Canadian employers. Under this program, employers can apply for approval to hire foreign workers, under conditions reflected in a pre-approved employment agreement.
Chisholm acts as agent and facilitator to employers who wish to pursue this program. We have welcomed some 2,000 workers to over a dozen plants in 6 provinces to date.
Click here to download our foreign worker program information guide and application.

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