Global Trade

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   Myles Dew
   Fatima Matarozzo
   Natascha Purisic
   Dave Harar

   Brian Watson
   Sam Rowley
   Ned Bowland
   Geoffrey Chisholm
   Jonathan Doritty


Latin America
  Stephen Chisholm
  Juan Menendez

Western Europe
   Marian Dolan

Russia & Eastern Europe
   Marian Dolan
   Tetyana Kuybida

   Marian Dolan (Toronto)
   Bing Liu (Toronto)
   Neil Ghosh (Toronto)

   Stephen Chisholm

Middle East & Africa
   Marian Dolan
   Pankaj Jain

   Neil Ghosh


The Global Trade Division maintains strong supply lines of dairy commodities, ingredients and by-products from Canada, USA, West and East Europe, Australasia and South America. We provide choice of origin options to manufacturers, importers, distributors and wholesalers to most countries in all major world markets. The division is comprised of import and export specialists organized into functional and geographical units.

CHISHOLM imports TRQ controlled products including cheese, buttermilk powder and milk protein concentrates for the Canadian food processing industries. CHISHOLM also imports non-TRQ goods including but not limited to whey protein concentrates and casein for Canadian use, as well as a full range of dairy products for reprocessing and re-export from Canada.

CHISHOLM exports a full range of Canadian dairy products including:

  • Cheese and Ice Cream
  • Milk Powders/By Products
  • Milk Fats
  • Dairy based blends for human and animal applications

United States
CHISHOLM is registered with the United States Department of Agriculture to participate in the Dairy Export Incentive Program through its subsidiary Ronald A. Chisholm (USA) in Washington D.C. Chisholm exports USA origin diary commodities to global markets.

Additionally CHISHOLM supplies American importers and further processors with product offering from dairy producing countries around the world.

World Markets
CHISHOLM supplies dairy commodities, ingredients and byproducts to manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and distributors in major markets providing origin options to buyers.